A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mars Vice is a Sci-Fi Interactive fiction game set in a far-flung, 80s-fuelled future. Join a group of gene-modded vice cops as they fight crime, protect the innocent, and occasionally pocket a little something for themselves in a corrupt world of Hybrid citizens, snooty robots, and even the occasional confused Earther.  

This is the Mars Vice Demo (Currenty v0.3)

Play as Detective Dax as he returns from a bust operation gone awry, talk to his Boss and Partner before Interrogating his informant while exploring the District 8 Watch Station.  

A short Demo from the Minds of a bunch of Ex Ubisoft Devs and the Writer on The Long Journey Home & Sunless Sea.

A 15min long experience of whats to come down the line, We hope you enjoy this sample and support us via our Patreon or simply by shouting at (or sharing) us on Twitter!

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How To Play 

  • Left Click to cycle text during Conversation Mode.  
  • Auto Text Mode is available in the Main/ESC Menus.
  • Left Click on a Room to move to it.
  • While in a room you can mouse over objects, Ones that are Interactive will highlight.
  • Left Click and hold to pan camera.

Install instructions

    • Download. 
    • Unzip to location of choosing.
    • Navigate to Marsvice.Exe and run.


    Mars Vice Demo v0.3 WINDOWS 43 MB
    Mars Vice Demo v0.3 MAC OS 50 MB

    Development log


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    I cant wait for this to be finished. we just dont have enough furry like content. this may not be meant to be furry but its nice to see anthro type games like this that are coming

    I did a let's play of the game. There isn't a lot of content out right now, but I enjoyed the feel of it nonetheless. Keep up the good work!


    Oh wow, really cool to see an LP so early on this Demo, glad you enjoyed it!

    Hope you do a follow up when we launch the full title ^^


    It was rather short, so I can't give a lot of details as far as reviews go, but the game seemed really polished. I'd love to do a follow up when the full game comes out. Any estimates on time?


    Don't want to give concrete dates for the Full Release,  worked on too many projects to know how that goes but I'll say our current goal is end of the year. The Demo will be updated throughout the year with content patches and eventually a complete rework to include the finial release's Intro Sequence to give players a good idea of what the game will contain.  Vague I know, but i hope that is satisfactory :]


    I completely understand not wanting to give concrete dates. I hope you meet your goal though!


    I like the feel of the game. Even though it's a demo, I feel like there is a tad more that can be there to give more about the game. Being invested in the world is only part of it. I look forward to more to be seen, but there's too little here to build a glowing review over.


    Hey thanks for the comment and giving the demo a look over!

    Yeah there is a whole buncha stuff we are planning down the line and this is really a working sample we wanted to finish as a proof of concept. I'm hoping to add a batch of new intractables, keywords and general fixes over the next few weeks to really flesh it out with concepts from our GameBible I couldn't get in due to winter holidays creeping up.  

    Hope you give us another gander down the line when we update ^^


    I definitely will! I like Dex's character, so he's worth hanging around!